Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Pre-Construction meeting

It didn't start out to well...I was told about 2 weeks ago that out start date was 1/24.Our first part of the conversation was about a start date of 2/10.ARRGGHHHH....Can't change that. We have had our date set for this meeting for about 3 weeks.So i have been on every blog possible just seeing what people have questioned and didn't like.Here are the most common issues.

*Vanity when not selecting the double bowl option(Our model gives us the single bowl in the middle of a larger cabinet.)

*Outlets in garage and walk in closets(1 in the garage and 0 in closet is standard.I have the phone number of our electrician to call and get pricing to do it while they will be doing the rest)-We will need way more than 1 in garage and the closet idea is i feel it's big enough to iron our clothes in it.

*Cupboard above the fridge(Ours will have one,check with your sales rep based on your home.They both(sales rep/PM) said some do not include a cupboard)

*With our upgrades we did NOT get a fridge but wanted our model numbers.Stainless steel varies from company to company..Too many people didn't get matching ones..(Our rep printed out a sheet with the model numbers on it)

*Other issues that may or may not pertain to other peoples homes.Drain in garage,location of furnace/laundry in basement,banister(what's standard per your model),sidewalk and driveway(what's included what's not),insulation used between garage and attached rooms(pantry,offices i guess temperatures vary quite a bit.

If anyone else had any other issues that arose please let me know.As I said I am very picky.

I think our meeting was more of me asking questions embarrassing my wife more or less.But overall it did go well.Best part was when our sales rep emailed her boss about the door in laundry room and he said no.THEN our PM calls him and gets it done.I felt good about that.Like he was working for our interest not the company.Other than that our PM went down the line with every option we have picked, he suggested a few things that actually saved us money on just so he knew what changes were made.He's getting 10's so far!!If you have done your meeting with them you'll know what that means.Few other things we walked out with so people don't get their hopes up.I forgot all about needing dirt to settle around house before putting concrete pad and such.I am the type of person that wanted the basement done,fencing,concrete patio all in right away..VERY IMPATIENT.However, we walked out with few things/thoughts we never thought of.

*Our PM suggested it will be next year before we do the concrete(ground needs to settle)This was a killer.We bought a hot tub in Aug and were very FIRM on taking it with us to new home.So now it will have to sit until we get the concrete work done.I did call my concrete guy right away when we left the meeting and he is thinking maybe August we should be will cost a bit more for some of the supplies but we will get it done and done right.

*Painting-PM suggested not painting till after the 10 month checkup.Only because if they need to do any repairs(cracks,drywall issues,etc etc.) the paint will all look the same.This is good for me, now I can relax a bit before the "wifey" goes paint crazy again!!

*BIG thing for us due to construction in winter is concrete work(sidewalk) and landscaping.Our home is the last in our subdivision with about 5 being completed right now.What he said was they will come in and do them all at once in spring.This could be good or bad.He wasn't sure if our sub-division would be first or last.But being that our house is last home to go up it makes logical sense to do our sub-division first in spring(Then Ryan Homes is DONE and out of there)We'll see though.

Bottom line was walking out of there we felt really good with him and what the plan is.This is good(Our sales rep is moving away closer to her family(Congrats)). Hopefully it will stay this way.

To go back a bit, we did our selection meeting on 11/30.Took us 30-45 minutes.DEFINITELY not the norm.Being we just redid our home we kinda knew what colors and what idea's we wanted for this home.From what I have saw online many people go back and forth 2 or 3 times to their selection site.So be prepared.I would say go to home depot/lowe's first just so you have idea of what to look for.

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