Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our upgrades

I'm not going to list all of the small things.Just give you an idea of what we did.

*Jefferson Model-2 story foyer with 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths.
*Elevation B
*2 car side load garage
*Morning room w the windows on the side and a sliding door
*Cherry Bordeaux(?) cupboards with the gourmet island
*We did upgrade the counter tops but didn't go with the granite(can be done later date, felt markup was to high)
*Stainless Steel appliances
*Extended Laundry room(16 foot room,dogs cages will go nicely in there)
*We upgraded the master bath to have separate tub/shower units.double bowl sink.
*Only did a single in the 2nd bath upstairs.
*Upgraded carpets and padding
*Tile throughout(hardwood with 3 dogs wouldn't have been wise-we saw a home built in 06 that needed to be resurfaced because of dogs)

Smaller upgrades we did like an extra laundry tub in basement(idea is to put wet bar down there),recessed lighting in a few rooms,fans,cased openings around some doors,added a few windows, and went with gas instead of electric for everything.

One thing we actually did add that i was surprised we were able to do was change a window to a door.We originally wanted a side door to let the dogs in and out of next to our garage door on the side.(In case they got muddy outside and such).Well come to find out,the only way to do that was to pay extra for the extension of the garage.I DON'T THINK SO.We actually took the window in the laundry room and asked that they make it a door.It wasn't until we met with our PM that we finally were able to get the green light.This is huge only because the dogs won't come through the house to get to their "bedroom".They will stay on the tile.

I was nervous about doing the single in the 2nd bath only because I have seen a few blogs where electing to do a single vanity you still have the double vanity with one a single cabinet.With our model doing a single actually will only give us a smaller cabinet.I am definitely not a fan of the storage space under the double sink.This is why I am doing this blog.I am very picky when it comes to this and have spent many hours on other blogs coming up with questions for our pre-construction meeting.

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