Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Begin...

           My wife and I live in Western New York and have recently decided to build w Ryan Homes.Since we got married in Aug 10' we have gutted our current house and now decided to go bigger and newer.The process since the begining hasn't been the greatest(We have had our hearts set on a few different areas and lots to find out there was 1 issue or another.)It's about 2:30am so I figured what better time to start this process than now.I think we started the process of finding a new somewhere back in October.We actually we looking at homes in a development that were finished back in 05/06.Some were very basic and 1 we actually were under a contingent(sell our home first) contract.We lost that home to a cash offer and then started to look into just doing it our way and building.We have added a few thousand(alot of a few) to build but bottom line is it's our way and only ours.Kinda like the sound of that.
            After looking at about 8 homes all built in the past 5 years and redoing our home this past year it really made us value certain aspects of what to expect on our "next" home.The way people took care of things.(My wife is a neat/clean freak).So after looking at these homes we were up in the air about whether we were just going to stay put or actually build.I wasnt happy about the extra costs of landscaping,fencing(we have 3 dogs), a concrete patio, finishing another basement etc etc etc...BOTTOM LINE-We are building.Not sure who pushed who.Anyways,i think we started pricing out lots back in October.Based on the area we wanted to buy in there really wasn't a new development that we would have prime lot location.That didn't help.So our Sales rep gave us a few different lots.One closer to my wifes work(too busy of a street) and another which was a different builders development.We actually spent a hour walking the lots,deciding what we liked and made our decision.Not so fast, the developer wouldnt sell for whatever reason..(This didnt help the situation,was building really for us..or just wait).Our sales rep came back one last time in a development a bit further than we would have liked with one last lot that became available due to a buyer not meeting requirements.DONE DEAL.We set the price,made our changes/upgrades(I will list them in a later post).Signed our contract late November.I'm in the mortgage business so we did not use thier mortgage lender.Not a huge deal but definitely ran into a few snags so far(Wording of our approval letter and such).

To sum up as of today we have sold our home.Close on that end of MARCH.We met with our Construction Manager and Sales rep this past Wed 1/19 and he gave us a anticipated start date of 2/10.He said it should take about 60-70 days from there start to finish.This is defintely NOT going to be fun.We have to discuss our options over next week or so and figure out our plans.(3 dogs doesn't help in finding temporary housing).

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